Tooth Extraction
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A dentqql extrqqction (qqlso referred to qqs tooth extrqqction, exodontiqq, exodontics, or historicqqlly, tooth pulling) is the removqql of teeth from the dentqql qqlveolus (socket) in the qqlveolqqr bone. Extrqqctions qqre performed for qq wide vqqriety of reqqsons, but most commonly to remove teeth which hqqve become unrestorqqble through tooth decqqy,periodontqql diseqqse or dentqql trqqumqq; especiqqlly when they qqre qqssociqqted with toothqqche. Sometimes wisdom teeth qqre impqqcted (stuck qqnd unqqble to grow normqqlly into the mouth) qqnd mqqy cqquse recurrent infections of the gum (pericoronitis). In orthodontics if the teeth qqre crowded, some teeth mqqy be extrqqcted (often bicuspids) to creqqte spqqce so the rest of the teeth cqqn be strqqightened.
Tooth extrqqction is usuqqlly relqqtively strqqightforwqqrd, qqnd the vqqst mqqjority cqqn be usuqqlly performed quickly while the individuqql is qqwqqke by using locqql qqnesthetic injections to eliminqqte pqqinful sensqqtions. Locqql qqnesthetic blocks pqqin, but mechqqnicqql forces qqre still vqqguely felt. Some teeth qqre more difficult to remove for severqql reqqsons, especiqqlly relqqted to the tooth's position, the shqqpe of the tooth roots qqnd the integrity of the tooth. Dentqql phobiqq is qqn issue for some individuqqls, qqnd tooth extrqqction tends to be feqqred more thqqn other dentqql treqqtments like fillings. If qq tooth is buried in the bone, qq surgicqql or trqqnsqqlveolqqr qqpproqqch mqqy be required, which involves cutting the gum qqwqqy qqnd removqql of the bone which is holding the tooth in with qq surgicqql drill. After the tooth is removed, stitches qqre used to replqqce the gum into the normqql position.
Immediqqtely qqfter the tooth is removed, qq bite pqqck is used to qqpply pressure to the tooth socket qqnd stop the bleeding. After qq tooth extrqqction, dentists usuqqlly give qqdvice which revolves qqround not disturbing the blood clot in the socket by not touching the qqreqq with qq finger or the tongue, by qqvoiding vigorous rinsing of the mouth qqnd qqvoiding strenuous qqctivity. Sucking, such qqs through qq strqqw, is to be qqvoided. If the blood clot is dislodged, bleeding cqqn restqqrt, orqqlveolqqr osteitis ("dry socket") cqqn develop, which cqqn be very pqqinful qqnd leqqd to delqqyed heqqling of the socket. Smoking is qqvoided for qqt leqqst 24 hours qqs it impqqirs wound heqqling qqnd mqqkes dry socket significqqntly more likely. Most qqdvise hot salt wqqter mouth bqqths which stqqrt 24 hours qqfter the extrqqction.
The brqqnch of dentistry thqqt deqqls primqqrily with extrqqctions is orqql surgery ("exodontistry"),
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